Saturday, January 26, 2008

Alex on Lobbyists for Zionism

Hi Ron,Here are some thoughts for your blog..

If you have followed my postings over the years, I have not been one to consider conspiracies.So, I hope you will consider what I have to say carefully.The truth is that the media: radio,tv,and the newspapers; and even the bloggers are involved in blocking practically all discussion of exactly who the lobbyists are who are funding the candidates for president in 08.The lobbyists fall into two groups. First we have the big equity fund lobby boys like Blackstone who are heavy into funding candidates of all parties, to influence them on the issue of taxing equity funds. Equity funds are currently taxed at 15%...a convenient way for the rich to avoid high taxes...

Secondly, consider the following list of billionaires, I have made notes beside their respective names that point to why they are influential.Many are Jewish and are interested in keeping the cash flowing from the tax payers to Israel.....some for profit, others out of loyalty to the Zionist cause..Stuart to moderate Arab influence in Georgetown u
Phillip Anschutz a evangelical christian billionaire 71%to repubs
Micky arison...wealthy Jewish-Israelis-American investments in Israel
Steve ballmer...Microsoft investment in Israel..venture capital etc
Bechtel group most to mostly for Saudi interests
Jeff Bezos..biased against carter's book.. for amazon founder
Michael bloomberg supporter of Israel...see Lennie Brenner
Eli broad..Jewish philanthropist...2 state solution supporter
Warren buffett...even though not Jewish he has invested billions in Israel

Then we have AIPAC, considered to be right up there with the terms of power to influence our reps...(When they have conferences in DC, the congressmen and women show in large numbers)AIPAC issues marching orders to congress on how to vote on money for Israel, troops staying in Iraq,No negotiation with Iran,or Syria..., lets get back to Hillary.She gets alot of money from Haim Saban...Who is he? Check this out.. Now folks, tell me why there is no mention of the above in the mainstream media?

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