Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fiction?!: Cassandra, Chanting: An Election Insider's Nightmare by Anonymous

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Product Description
At the center of Cassandra, Chanting is a plot to steal the next American presidential election. Written by an election world insider who must remain anonymous, the novel exposes in authentic and chilling detail just how vulnerable our electoral system is today. It also reveals how warnings by experts are going unheeded and leaving Americans dangerously exposed, just as warnings by the mythological Cassandra went unheeded, resulting in the destruction of ancient Troy. As the novel opens, plotters travel to America and seduce and recruit government officials in order to gain access and then manipulate in undetectable ways the computer programs that control voting systems. The subversive group targets weak leaders and government bureaucrats whose thirst for power or other gain makes them susceptible. They find many eager takers. Meanwhile, the National Institute of Standards and Technology in D.C. has assembled a team led by former Navy SEAL Carl Martello to work on federal election oversight. He is joined by Angela Elanthos, brilliant at computers and decoding, and soon they become suspicious of one of the largest voting companies controlling millions of voting machines, certain they have rigged their programs. Despite government inertia and very different backgrounds, Carl and Angela race against the clock to uncover the high-tech complexities of a plot to fix the outcome of the election. As the novel so alarmingly reveals, the means by which the democratic institutions can be sabotaged within the voting process are all too real, as is the public's continuing indifference to what could happen. Cassandra, Chanting is a gripping tale telling us why we must be ever diligent in protecting our institutions against those who exercise no restraint attempting to destroy those institutions and us. "Embedded in this spell-binder of a novel is a startling and convincing message -- the vulnerability of the very voting system the US is now adopting. The author clearly understands the new system and what makes it tick and shows how it could be 'fixed' to produce a winner different from the popular vote. In the process, the very legitimacy of our political system would be subverted. November 2008 is not so far away. We must heed this warning." Marvin Zonis is a Professor in the Graduate School of Business, The University of Chicago. He also heads Marvin Zonis + Associates, Inc., political risk consultants.

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