Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Robert Parry: Obama's transition, lessons from 1968, a new Middle East crisis

From Robert Parry:

Editor's Note: Because we've been publishing more stories, some readers say they miss some that fly by. So, each month, we'll point out some special stories from the previous month.

Here is a selection from December 2008, focusing on Barack Obama's transistion, troubling historical lessons from 1968, and a new Middle East crisis:
"Obama's Fateful Choice of Gates" by Robert Parry, looking at Robert Gates's shortage of gratitude for Obama keeping him on. (December 1, 2008)
"Obama's Risky Team of Rivals," by Lisa Pease on Obama's dubious reading of history. (December 1, 2008)
"Thinking Bigger on Autos" by William John Cox, examining what's needed to save the auto industry. (December 2, 2008)
"Bush Still Lies about Iraqi Inspections" by Robert Parry, citing George W. Bush's endless false claims about Iraq and UN inspectors. (December 2, 2008)
"Obama v. King, on War and Peace" by Peter Dyer, noting differences between the two leaders. (December 3, 2008)
"Obama's Familiar Orbit of Advisers" by Michael Winship, questioning how big a change is coming. (December 4, 2008)
"Mukasey's 'Nixon Defense' of Bush" by Jason Leopold, noting the historical antecedent for clearing Bush. (December 6, 2008)
"The Significance of Nixon's 'Treason'" by Robert Parry, pointing out what 40-year-old tapes tell about America's recent past. (December 9, 2008)
"We All Failed Gary Webb" by Robert Parry, recalling the historical debt to a fallen journalist. (December 10, 2008)
"Will Obama Buy Torture-Lite?" by Ray McGovern, analyzing how far Obama will go in reining in Bush's practices. (December 10, 2008)
"ATime Machine to Save America" by Robert Parry, looking back at the fateful Supreme Court ruling on Bush v. Gore. (December 11, 2008)
"Torture Trail Seen Starting with Bush" by Jason Leopold, tracing back the origins of Bush's torture policies. (December 12, 2008)
"Obama and US-Russia Tensions" by Anonymous, examining what Obama's Cabinet picks portend for future relations. (December 14, 2008)
"The Dilemma That Is Gaza" by Morgan Strong, recognizing an emerging crisis. (December 15, 2008)
"Cheney Admits Detainee-Abuse Role" by Jason Leopold, reporting on the Vice President's bold admissions. (December 16, 2008)
"Secrecy Worsens Wall St. Mess" by Brent Budowsky, citing a lack of transparency in trillion-dollar bailout. (December 17, 2008)
"Obama v Washington Mythmaking" by Robert Parry, describing tough challenges for the President-elect. (December 18, 2008)

"Deterring Torture Through the Law" by Coleen Rowley and Ray McGovern, recognizing the power of accountability to stop abuses. (December 20, 2008)
"Cheney's Contempt for the Republic" by Robert Parry, observing how the Vice President defends his actions. (December 22, 2008)
"Two Dangerous Bush-Cheney Myths," by Robert Parry, exploring counter-arguments on torture and the "surge." (December 26, 2008)
"Henry Kissinger: Eminence Noire" by Robert Parry, tracking the dark history of a Washington Wise Man. (December 28, 2008)
"How Hypocrisy on Terror Kills" by Robert Parry, examining U.S.-Israeli double standards on terrorism. (December 30, 2008)
"Torture & the Crime of Aggressive War" by Peter Dyer, recalling the legal prohibitions on the most severe crimes. (December 31, 2008)

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